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What changes to expect for the End Of Reason Sale on January 3rd and 4th?

Where's my Order?

How do I return/exchange my order?

Can I cancel an order after shipping?

My payment failed while making a purchase. What should I do?

Why can't I apply some coupons on my bag?

How do I check the refunds status for my return?

Why is cash on delivery option not available for my pin code?

How do I convert Fold Filled cashback into cash refund?

Order Tracking, Shipping and Delivery

You can track your orders in MyFold FilledTrack orders

What is Fold Filled.com's Shipping Policy?

What are the shipping charges on Fold Filled products?

How do I check the status of my order?

How can I check if Fold Filled.com delivers to my PIN Code?

How long does it take for an order to be delivered to me?

How are orders placed on Fold Filled.com delivered to me?

Does Fold Filled.com deliver products outside India?

How can I get my order delivered faster?

What if my Same Day Delivery/Next Day Delivery order is not delivered by the next business day?


You can return/exchange your orders in MyFold FilledExchange itemReturn item

What is Fold Filled.com's Return and Exchange Policy?

What is Fold Filled.com's 30 day return and exchange policy? How does it work?

How do I return a product to Fold Filled.com?

How do I place an exchange request on Fold Filled.com?

How long would it take me to receive the refund for my return?

How do I return multiple products from a single order?

Does Fold Filled.com pick up the product I want to return from my location?

I would like to Self-Ship the return myself to Fold Filled.com. How can I do this?

Where should I send my return?

Cancellations and Modifications

You can cancel your orders in MyFold FilledCancel order

What is Fold Filled.com's Cancellation Policy?

Can I modify the shipping address of my order after it has been placed?

I just cancelled my order. When will I receive my refund?


You can check refund status of your returns in MyFold FilledRefund status

How can I pay for my order at Fold Filled.com?

How does the COD (Cash on Delivery) payment option work?

Why can't I see the COD option on my payment page?

What should I do if my payment fails?

I am being charged a VAT amount on my order. What is VAT?

How is the VAT amount decided?

If I return the purchased product will the VAT amount charged be refunded?

If I cancel my order will the VAT amount charged be refunded?

Coupons and Cashback

You can access your coupons and cashback in MyFold FilledView couponsView cashback

How do I apply a coupon?

What is cashback? How do I redeem it?

Fold Filled Points

Check your previlege points and membership details in MyFold FilledView points

What is My Privilege?

How do I become a member of My Privilege?

What are the benefits that I receive?

How much is each point worth?

I am a Silver/Gold/Platinum member. What does that mean?

Is there an annual fee for this program?

Can I leave My Privilege program?

How do I earn points?

I am not able to receive points on placing on order. Why?

How can I convert Pending points to Active points?

Where and how can I redeem my points?

I am unable to redeem points. Why?

I have multiple accounts at Fold Filled. Can I club points in my multiple accounts?

Will my points expire?

My pending points got deducted. Why?

How can I get upgraded to a Gold/ Platinum membership?

Will I get downgraded from my current membership? How can I avoid it?

I have made all the required purchases, but my membership has not been upgraded yet. Why?

Can I purchase a gift card using points?

Will I get points for the amount I have paid by redeeming points?

Will I get points for buying a gift card?

Will I get points for Shipping charges and Gift Packing charges?

Gift Cards

How do I purchase a Fold Filled.com Gift Card?

I just received a Fold Filled.com Gift Card. How do I use it?

What should I do if I have not received the mail that contained a Gift Card?

Do Fold Filled.com Gift Cards expire?

How do I cancel a Gift Card?

What Payment Methods are available for Gift Cards?

Registration and Referral Program

What are the benefits when I create an account?

How can I refer my friends?

What benefits do I receive if I refer friends to Fold Filled.com?

How can I redeem my coupons?


How do I determine the correct size for me?

What can I do if the product is not available in my size?

How can I find out if Fold Filled.com delivers to my PIN Code?

How long does it take for an order to be delivered to me?

How are orders on Fold Filled.com delivered to me?

Does Fold Filled.com deliver products outside India?

Gift Wrapping

Can I use Fold Filled.com to send gifts to others?

What payment methods can I use to pay for a gift order?

Will the pricing, discount and payment information be displayed on the package sent to the recipient

Can I apply a coupon or discount on the gift wrapping charge?

Who can return the gift?